Free MP Authoring Tool

It’s Free! Works with all 2012 versions also. Thanks

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Workaround for when the System Center Management service stops responding after an instance of SQL Server goes offline

For any instances of SCOM 2012 SP1, I would suggest implementing the workaround in the article  to ensure that management servers will resume communication with the databases as soon as possible, without intervention.

As suggested in the article, proceed with caution when modifying registry values.

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SCOMTypeView Rocks

This tool rocks. Downloads

Just a really blinkin useful tool for MP Authors.

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Server Service Firewall Status – False Positive Alert

You can get False/Positive Alerts from  the Server OS  MP when the Firewall has once been enabled and since disabled.

Firewall FalsePositive

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GSM Header

This is the header GSM tests use. You can then strip this out of your web logs and or configure perimeter security where required

user_agent=System Center 2012 – Operations Manager 7.0.8561.0

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