Domain Controller Agent-Only Discovery

New Contract and using SCOM SP1 again :0( You realise how much you like R2. Anyhow 3 mangement groups and lots of DC’s distributed accross them.  Domain Controllers are discovered by all three and actively monitored in the MG where the DC is a member of. I do not like seeing all the DC’s in the console that are a member of another MG as un-monitored. So a reminder to self.. Enable Agent-Only Discovery. As the name implies the discover will only show

Microsft Comment:

“The Active Directory Management Pack (ADMP) discovery mechanism typically collects information about all the domain controllers in the same forest as the Root Management Server (RMS) and in the trusted forests. You can see this by using the AD Topology View from within the console. However, only a subset of the domain controllers that are discovered will actually be monitored by an Operations Manager agent. Enabling agent-only discovery filters the list of discovered domain controllers to include only those domain controllers that have an agent installed.”


Clieck to Enlarge

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