Distributed Application Information Gathering

I have spent much time creating Distributed Applications. Here is a list of useful information that can be used to determine the requirements for Distributed Application Core Service Monitoring. It is Essential that he information is thorough and detailed and ideally is captured and displayed in Visio in logical format.

• Servers Names that host the application/service • Server Role as in Web server Database etc• What applications are installed on each server • What operating System. WIN2K, 3K 2008• x32 – x64 OS• What are the important physical drives and purpose e.g. E drive used for key data repository • Share names and their purpose. • List any important Folders and detail where in a workflow they are used • Detail any important windows services that require monitoring. Including start-up type if they are run as a service account etc • Detail any Databases that are used and which applications or services or ODBC connections talk to them or rely on them • Detail any bespoke applications that are run from either Client Desktop or servers listing their function what services they have linked to them what TCP ports they may require • List any dependencies on other systems. e.g. a file shares on another server, off-site servers for example• Is there any built-in monitoring already set up and if so detail• List any web sites that may be used by the application or by end users providing the URL for each site accessed/hosted on the given system • Are the servers part of an Active Directory Domain? If so detail name of domain/s and any workgroups used • Clarification that the clients if any that access the service are on the same domain as the Servers? • List any issues, problems or performance issues that the service may be experiencing whether it by client side or server-side• Detail any additional monitoring requirements that you may have. • List any scheduled Maintenance that is performed. Nightly reboots that kind of thing. Excluding any BAU change requests. Detail as best as possible the workflows and automated process that the service has. Proximity of infrastructure . Quiz Operations/admin staff.

Here is an example diagram of information gathered from above which will be translated and used as reference when creating my distributed application.

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