Setting up your Run-As for OLEDB Synthetic Transactions

I was pulling my hair out recently setting up Run-As accounts for OLEDB transaction monitoring. I just kept getting error code 1.
Status code Failure description
1 Data Source could not be initialized
2 Session could not be opened
3 Execution of query failed
4 Fetch failed
I know you can add simple username in connection string but I needed to use full windows kerberos authentication. Likely to be the most common. At least I hope so. So would look like
Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=<Server>;Database=<DBName>;Integrated Security=SSPI
The problems were not with the connection string  but with the distribution of the Run-As account.
So assuming you have Set up the Transaction using the OLEDB template and all is correct there. Note: Unlike the Web Application Template it does not let you choose the Run As account to run the check as.
This is what I did for OpsMgr R2.
Step 1: After you have completed the OLEDB wizard create a Windows Type Run-As account that you know will have permissions to read and execute queries against SQL Database. You can add the server to the distribution tab now or when you configure the Profile that points to the Run-As account. (Detailed in the next step)
Step 2: Now you need to configure the profile. When you created the OLEDB Transaction Monitor OpsMgr automatically creates 2 profiles for the transaction.
<Name> OLE DB Simple Authentication Profile
<Name> OLE DB Synthetic Transaction Action Profile
Open the profiles and you will see that the Run-As is empty.
I tend to only set the OLE DB Synthetic Transaction Action Profile. But you can optionally set the simple.
Select the Run-As Tab and add the Run-As account you created earlier. Now you need to select the ‘A Selected Group, Class or Object’
Select an ‘Object‘ from the Context menu (This was my first mistake as I added the health Service Class for the server) and in the look for type in the server name of the WATCHER node that the transaction will run from NOT where the destination database is you are monitoring. (This was my second mistake)
Once complete press Save.
Step 3: When saving after a few seconds you will get a warning indicating that the Run-As account may not be distributed correctly. Click on the link and click OK but if you did not do in the first step then you will need to add the Server name of the WATCHER node. This will find the Servers Health Service.
Thats it jobs a gooden. Reset health on the health state and all that jazz and should be good to go..
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