Unable to Display Due to Insufficient Data errors

I have seen the few posts on this subject and I am interested to hear how common this problem is and of course what fixes have been applied.I have experienced the error ‘Unable to Display Due to Insufficient Data errors’ on the Sharepoint SLD site for an OpsMgr deployment. I have quite a few Distributed applications and in turn I have set up the SLD availability reports in OpsMgr and all this works well. I cannot replicate the error message outside of sharepoint. So clearly linked to webpart or some other underlying element of sharepoint. using some of the tips I have seen on posts (a Few) and although some of which temporariliy fix like change hourly to daily etc it does not resolve. I have six sites that are subsites of the main SLD site and I have 6 SLO boards per site and they all inherit permissions from the home SLD site. (I have set it this way initiallly to simplfy permisissions whilst I’m trooubleshooting. So there is a group for read only and a gropup for admins, Full Access. I have also got a few other people testing the sites and dashboards and i can confim that there is no consistency in the results. It may display for me but not for another. This is random and despite doing all the noddy CTRl F5 etc does not resolve. If I edit the page faff about with hourly view etc it will correct it but the problem comes back. One thing to note and I have not yet tested is that of the six sites two of them, the Root SLD Home site and and one of the remaining 5 sites have not at any time since set up have had the permissions chnaged and thus far i have not seen the error. The 4 reminaing sites was at one time set to specifica AD groups that represented teams so that I could display just the relelvant SLO dashboards. I have however since set the sites back to inherit from Home site. As I mentioned earlier to simplify permissions whilst troubleshooting. Could there be some kind of footprint? I have no idea yet but will post my findings as I intend to delete the four sites and recreate inheriting the sites permissions making no other permissions changes. Still interseted in thoughts on this subject.

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