Watch the Health Service Private Bytes on SNMP Watcher Nodes..

When agent proxy systems are used for SNMP monitoring, the thresholds for the Health Service Private Bytes and Health Service Handle count should be overridden. The default values for agent systems are too low when the agent is proxying SNMP requests and will cause the HealthService to be restarted every 10 minutes, affecting functionality of the SNMP monitoring. To override these values, identify the monitors named: Health Service Handle Count Threshold and Health Service Private Bytes Threshold. The path to these monitors in the Health Explorer view is: Health Service/Performance/Health Service Performance/Health Service State. A good starting point for the threshold values would be the default values used for management servers: 10000 for the handle count and 1600MB for the private bytes (1677721600 bytes). I need to recheck these values..

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