Edit Company Knowledge In SCOM

Edit Company Knowledge In SCOM

Software requirements for the machine that you will be accessing and editing the Company Knowledge on

  • Office Professional 2003 SP1 or higher, I used Office 2007 Standard edition and selected word only.  During the Office 2007 install, select the Custom Installation and select only Word and Choose Advanced Customizations of Applications Options, click Next.  Then expand the Microsoft Office Word option and set the ‘.NET Programmability Support’ option to ‘run all from my computer’, click Next, then Install and wait for the setup to finish.
  •  Install  service pack.
  • Install the Visual Studio 2005 tools for the Microsoft Office System.  Download: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=24263
  • Note:  In order to edit the Company Knowledge you must be in either the Author or Administrator OpsMgr 2007 User Role.
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4 Responses to Edit Company Knowledge In SCOM

  1. Gabriel says:

    Hello Reuben,

    When i edit the company knowledge other users cant see my comments and vice versa. (we´ve the same scom role permissions to edit this field)

    How can i fix this?

    • Reuben Bruce says:

      What version of SCOM are you running? Also what role are your effected users? Also what language are you running SCOM as?

      • Gabriel says:

        Hello Reuben,

        – SCOM 2007 R2
        – Role: Profile Operator (All the accounts)
        – Language: English

        We made a test and one user log on in my machine and made a change and i was able to see the change but this user in his machine cant see the modification he made.

        Thanks for your help

      • Reuben Bruce says:

        Hi Apologies in delay. Ok so you must have either Authoring or SCOM adminsitrator role in order to edit the Knowledge base articles. Operator role will not work correctly

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