SCOM – Alert parameter summary

SCOM – Alert parameter summary Thanks Very Useful

via SCOM – Alert parameter summary.

Also for Repeat Alert Variables use the following as they documented referenced does not work for those.

EventDisplayNumber (Event ID):              $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/EventDisplayNumber$

EventDescription (Description):                $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/EventDescription$

Publisher Name (Event Source):               $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/PublisherName$

EventCategory:                                      $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/EventCategory$

LoggingComputer:                                  $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/LoggingComputer$

EventLevel:                                            $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/EventLevel$

Channel:                                               $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/Channel$

UserName:                                            $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/UserName$

EventNumber:                                        $Data/Context/Context/DataItem/EventNumber$

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