Install the SCOM R2 Console Only

So for deploying the console only for example publishing to a Citrix Farm  you want to reduce the size of the binaries required.  The Total size of the R2 Binaries are 1.33GB and the CU5 Patch unpacked  is 953MB

Link to CU5

The Console binaries are in within folder ‘<SCOMR2Binaries>\Server\Platform’ the following files required for the console install which toal around 43MB. (there is a small difference in size between platforms)




To install the SCOM R2 Console place the Binaries into folder and path named ‘SCOMR2console’


The Console also needs CU5 Rollup Hotfix post-install.

The Syntax for the Console Setup is:

msiexec.exe /i <FilePath Platform> MOM.msi> /qn /l*v <FilePathLog> ADDLOCAL=MOMUI

So for Example

msiexec.exe /I \\MGTServer\SCOMR2Console\AMD64\MOM.msi> /qn /l*v %Temp%\MOMUI_Install.log ADDLOCAL=MOMUI

Note you can add Root Managment Server  to this however I leave it blank as I work with multiple connected Management Groups. Just add

Apply the CU5 Update

I found the following link so decided not to bother posting any more on the update.

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