System Center 2012 – Bugs

Starting to compile a list of issues as and when I come across them.

  • Bunch of issues to watch our for post OpsMgr 2012 install.Release Notes
  • I have noticed when upgrading from R2 if there is an error during the upgrade the roll back does not work. You end up with an in-operable R2 Environment ūüôā One to watch out for anyway. Test Test Test!
  • .net optimization service eats up CPU on Low spec server when using the Ops Console. This is basically the License CRL check.
  • RTM CU1 code.Path does not display value using ‘Objects by Performance’ Widget. I have tested all of the other widgets and only seems a problem with this one where the Path is an issue. PSS Microsoft and will post response. Response below.


“It seems the below issue was not fixed in SCOM 2012 CTP2 SP1.

Path does not display value using ‚ÄėObjects by Performance‚Äô Widget. I have tested all of the other widgets and only seems a problem with this one.

I have gone through the CTP2 SP1 documentation, I didn’t find any information on fix regarding the path details not displaying in Object by performance widget. Below URLs are FYI..

As per the information from the Product group the issue will be fixed in the SCOM 2012 SP1 Release.”

UPDATE: I have installed RTM SP1 and no fix to displaying path despite the bug being opened and closed on basis it would be resolved in SP1. I have since contacted Microsoft and will provide an update as soon as I get. They have informed me that it is currently open so confirming not now included. Hoping for hotfix..

FYI as a workaround to this you can configure the Details widget which works in the console however the details widget does not display in SharePoint as per below.

  • ¬†I have also noticed with the ‘Objects by Performance’ that the view disappears for a period of time 5 mins or so. At first I thought it was the usual caching type error. I have tried from different views in console and web console and web part and the results are consistent. The obvious Refresh and even deletion of Current Users console values. Again this only happens with this widget so I suspect a few other bugs with it.

Microsoft have managed to recreate the problem and a bug is being raised will post what the outcome of this will be.:


“As with all widgets , they collect their data form data written directly to the Datawarehouse as opposed to data written to the live DB. When we write performance data to DW we initially write the ¬†data to the flat raw data table but then aggregate then data to hourly and daily perf tables on an hourly and daily basis accordingly The purpose of this is to make queries that need to utilise this data more efficient. The aggregated data is always an hour behind as we need a full data set for the hour to be complete before we can aggregate it.

Top N Performance widget uses the hourly or daily dependent on what time period you select.  When we set it to an hour we are looking for data  from the last hour in the hourly aggregated tables which simply could not have aggregated yet.,

We could use the raw tables to display ¬†this data for the last hour ¬†however this would involve us have to live aggregate each data ¬†set from the raw tables before aggregation has taken place and the queries would be significantly more expensive and could cause potential performance bottlenecks, this was the reason that we have chosen not to change the design of the current product.”

  • Also where the path does not display on the TopN perfromance Widget the workaround is to use the Details Widget however the ‘Details Widget’ does not display in the SCOM SharePoint WebPart Dashboards. I have raised PSS case with Microsoft.


“Have recreated the problem. We still have the above case open and PG are still arguing if we can fix it. If it is going to fixed it will only be in a packaged ¬†UR or SP update and not as a separate hotfix”

  • Service Level Tracking Summary Report Displays Dodgy looking Icons
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