SharePoint 2010 SCOM2012 SharePoint.Config

So to discover a SharePoint server as per the MP Guide you need also to configure the SharePoint.config file. This contains the server names and run-as account details as well as discovery cycles. The ‘Configure SharePoint Management Pack’ task that you have to execute is written for SCOM 2007 so the Powershell errors on the SDK connection.


If you are quick you can grab a copy of the ‘%Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2012\Server\Health Service State\Monitoring Host Temporary Files N\AdminTask.ps1 and edit and update if you can be bothered.

Here is the script source. AdminTask

The fella at has already done this for us. the pack contains an updated task. This is of course a temp workaround whilst we wait for the updated SharePoint 2010 MP for SCOM2012.


So once you load the pack in you get a new task you can run. Note I had to run this task twice to actually get the SharePoint Servers discovered. No idea why as the workflow cycles i had configured.

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