Load Balancing SCOM 2012 for SharePoint WebPart Dashboard

So to Load Balance the user access from Sharepoint SCOM Dashboard WebPart. Firstly the traffic is of course going to hit the web console. I have tried all sorts of combinations as to where to host the Web Console and found installing the role on a a MS role the easiest. Delegation of rights/SPN registrations in complex environments is basically an adminstrative nightmare. Add to the fact that for the Web Parts you use Secure data credentials you also have to consider dselegation of rights on the sharepoint servers. You get all sorts of kerberos funnies. No time for the detail.

Any how you want an Alias for the load Balance VIP address. Load Balance of your choice just make sure it is set to Session Persistence.

Setting up the SharePoint Web Part if setting up multiple Management Groups to connect to set up the application ID and use the same encyption key for the Application ID. Then just copy the web.config from a Web Console role and deploy to all servers hosting the web console. Remember also to update the Appavisor and Appdiagnostics LB address so that you get the URL present in the alert description. Will publish instructions when I get time.

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