SCOM2012 Dashboard Limitations

Nice Job Cameron. I would recommend loading these into your SCOM 2012 deployment to make use of the all the native features available for displaying key info.

2007 Dashboard for 2012

For dashboard creation in 2012 I use these more than I would like to as I prefer all the new stuff… I just feel the widgets do not expose enough of the options we have grown used to. I love the new widgets and I make use of what they offer but they have some annoying limitations.

I think it remains a bit of an uphill struggle to sell the dashboards due to their inflexibility. I guess I should stop moaning and get on and develop my own. The web widget is a nice addition.

Note: Remember using the old R2 Dashboards are no good for the SCOM2012 SharePoint Widget as this only allows for viewing SCOM2012 Dashboards.

Camerons Link to the 2007 Dashboards Cameron articulates well but to extend a little further on the limitations of the Widgets where the old 2007 and focusing only on like for like, given some of the widgets cover stuff that are not present in SCOM 2007 like TOP N Performance..

Performance Widget

Does not allow you to collapse. You cannot Change Colors or Personalize or set the Graph for Max Min Y Axis etc.

Still cant resolve this and think may be silverlight but the flashing of performance counters from highlighted to transparent and back again. It is like the selection is cached in the widget and jumps from full view to the selected.

Alert Widget

You cannot set granular alert criteria for alert views. Often having to create groups just so can limit the alerts for certain classes of objects.

Top N Performance

Has a limit of 20 which I would like to see upped so at least a full column can be filled on your standard screen dashboard resolutions.

SLA Dashboards are awful on response times for 15 and upwards. Just drags on SQL DW. Would like to see some improvements here also.

I had gripes with memory usage but this was thankfully resolved in UR3 I think.

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