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Using Report Builder to create new Reports in SCOM 2012

As anyone who has clicked the link in the Reporting view in the Operations Manager Console to author reports via the Report Builder will know, the required models are not available within the tool to get you started. Details on … Continue reading

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SQL Queries for SCOM Dashboards

SQL Queries used for Sharepoint Dashboards used with Service Center Dashboard Solution Accelorator and WSS 3.0.       Display Distributed Application Health Use with Score Card SELECT distinct BaseManagedEntity.DisplayName, State.HealthState FROM State INNER JOIN BaseManagedEntity ON State.BaseManagedEntityId = BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityId … Continue reading

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Find Agent Name from GUID using SQL

Run this agains OperationsManager DB Select * from BaseManagedEntity where BaseManagedEntityID = ‘GUIDHERE’ Strictly speaking powershell is the best place to get this info from:

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SCOM Alerts with Repeat Counts SQL Query

Run this SQl Query against your Operations Manager DB to retrieve Alerts and the repeat counts. Just replace the Resolution= 0 with the correct Resolution state. SELECT RepeatCount, COUNT(*) AS NumAlertsWithRepeatCount FROM Alert WHERE ResolutionState =0 AND RepeatCount > 0 … Continue reading

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SQL Statement Commands

For all those SQL query commands one forgets..

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